Important Things an Eye Doctor Wants You to Know

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Even if you have perfect vision, regular visits to an optometrist Perth CBD in Western Australia can help your doctor spot signs of various problems early. This way, you can treat the problems before they damage your sight. The path to better eyesight is not always clear. We talked to several eye professionals to share their insights on eye care and here are some important things they want you to know.

Don’t wait for your cataracts to get worse
Your cataracts do not have to be ripe before removal. You should talk to an eye doctor before your vision is affected. Your eye doctor will then examine your eyes to determine whether surgery is the best solution for you. In some cases, your eye doctor can implant a new lens to correct your vision and clear cataract. You might not need glasses afterwards.

Poorly cleaned, old or ill-fitting contacts can cause serious problems
Make sure you disinfect your lenses according to instructions from your eye doctor to prevent eye infections. Do not forget to wash the case because bacteria can thrive there. Have a professional evaluate the fit of your lenses regularly. Otherwise, the lenses can scratch your eye and make new blood vessels to grow into the cornea. This can cloud your vision. Immediately you develop pain, redness and other eye problems, remove your lenses and talk to your eye doctor.

Do not ignore symptoms
In case you lose vision in one eye, call your optometrist Perth in Western Australia or an ophthalmologist right away. This could be an indication of a transient ischemic attack. Other signs of trouble that need immediate attention include floaters, flashing lights and double vision. These are signs of very serious problems that need fast treatment.

Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory
The UV rays from the sun harm your eyes the same way they damage your skin. They increase age-related macular degeneration, risk of cataracts and even eye cancer. Make sure you choose a pair of shades that block more than 99% of these rays. Make sure you wear them any time you are outdoors.

Your eye health is linked to your overall health
You should never keep the history of your health a secret. During an eye check, you should never downplay any conditions because they could point to a serious eye disease. Not sharing your health issues such as diabetes, heart disease or mental illness can be dangerous to your vision. Joint, digestive, metabolic, inflammatory and breathing disorders have consequences for your eyes. You should, therefore, discuss them with your doctor.

Tell your eye doctor about your smoking habits
When you visit an optometrist Perth CBD in Western Australia, make sure you tell him about your smoking habits. Cigarettes can make you prone to eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Your eye doctor should know whether you are at a risk. You should help your eye doctor understand your condition and risks better to help you protect your vision. There are a lot of benefits to quitting smoking.


Prescription safety glasses Perth in Western Australia can be used to protect your eyes from common eye injuries. However, before you wear safety glasses, you should see an eye doctor and eye safety experts to recommend wearing the right safety glasses. This is crucial in reducing the severity of eye injuries and preventing at least 90% of its cases.
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The importance of safety glasses
Non-prescription and prescription safety glasses are essential for people who are constantly exposed to safety hazards at home, work and any other environment. These glasses may look like typical eyewear but you should take note that they are made in a way that they can offer eye protection.
Safety glasses are crucial because they can give you peace of mind as you are sure that your eyes are safe as long as you are exposed to safety hazards. The lenses and frames used in prescription safety glasses in Perth WA are stronger compared to regular glasses. All of them adhere to the requirements and standards available.

Several individuals take their eyesight for granted and ask “why should I have my eyes tested by an optometrist Perth WA when I can see clearly?
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Several individuals take their eyesight for granted and ask “why should I have my eyes tested by an optometrist Perth WA when I can see clearly?” If you are among those asking this question, chances are you might be affected by one among the many sight-threatening illnesses, but not have it treated on time.

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